Break free from your comfort zone

achref gallah
1 min readApr 14, 2021

This Is why bad days are as important as your good days

**We are all used to do the same thing every day, to live In a safe environment, but for me the day that I decided to join RBK and starting learning new things, I knew that It will be something very hard.

**The first two weeks were little difficult to pass, with the new schedule It’s hard to be full of energy all day, you will be thinking that you will never made It (our fear shows us the borders of our comfort zone), that’s why I had to choose between choosing to fail and keep hidden In my comfort zone or to break free and choose the way to succes In my life.

So I will try to give some tips to cross your way through life:

  • Take nothing for granted.
  • Switch up your routine
  • Move toward your fears
  • Try something new until you feel comfortable
  • Start conversations with strangers
  • Get in front of camera

**I hope these tips work for you :D and I hope you enjoyed my story.